Thursday, July 09, 2009


So...I am still in fact, alive, regardless of what my lack of updates would have you thinking. I've been sitting on photographs for so long...I kept putting off updates, for whatever reasons, and now I am sick of those they may never see the light of day on this blog.
I recently joined the band oceans, recorded a full length album, and am abou to start tour today (July 10th) out east and back. So this venture has kept me busy. I hope to be maiking at least every other day blog entries documenting the tour. If you havent heard, or are interested you can download the previously mentioned full length cd for free at this website: --and make sure to look around at the photo section because I did them!

Anyways, for now I leave you with a single photograph of a band I shot recently, Hero from the Start. As I finish the picutres, I will throw them up here, along with the story that goes with it, because it was one doozy of a shoot.

Click for a bigger view if you feel so inclined, I am actually happy with this one, as the focus was hard to pull off, especially in such low light .

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