Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day 1: Kingston

Had a fun day in Kingston. It was our first show of the tour with I am Committing a Sin. We had the day off after...and all we did was drive in the rain, so I kept the camera away. More to come soon after the show tonight here in Saint John!

Ps: There are a lot here and in no particular order...

Gathering round the ol' point and shoot.

Mark Luciani
Me taking some photographs
Rob being his bad ass self

My friend John made it to the show all the way from the Oakville

and then apparently found something very upsetting and confusing.I just bleached my nice white shoes...earlier in the day I poured an orange beverage out and got splatters all over them...then later in the night...i managed to step on the largest piece of dog fecal matter known to man kind...then I scraped it off and found it photo worthy.
van hangin'

my view for most of the ride up to Kingston.
Steve getting a nap in
my new self portrait in Rob's face

Mr naked man (steve)

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