Friday, December 21, 2012

Anamorphic Christmas Portraits

Was messing around with my New Panasonic GH3. I've mostly only done video with it, but it is a very capable stills camera. These were taken in JPEG mode with a nikon lens and Kowa anamorphic adapter. 


arnoud van houwelingen said...

brilliant photos. you are very talented.

I have a question. I bought the same anamorphic adapter and have the same camera. What is the best way to focus. I really am struggling to get good focus. Focussing the taking lens and the kowa is really a pain. Maybe you have a tip for rme?



joshgloverphotography said...

I just guess the distance and dial the Kowa into what I think is the right distance, then the taking lens, then kind of go back and forth until it is in focus. the zooming focus aids help in this situation

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