Thursday, September 01, 2011


Didn't do too much digital shooting that wasn't set up portraiture, so here are a few. Most are self explanatory. The above is my Uncle Rick found doing his favourite island activity.

This is an old hotel in Charlotte town where we saw a fantastic comedy dinner theatre.


Samantha D. said...

This is fantastic, I'd love to know the technique

joshgloverphotography said...

Thanks, but to which photo/technique are you referring?

Samantha D said...

I guess what I really meant was what type of lens did you use lol

joshgloverphotography said...

All of these shots were either done with a 35mm prime or an 85mm tilt shift

Keo said...

Great pics! said...

Hi Josh!
I love your portraits ,but I thing you will do a lot better with NIKON!!

joshgloverphotography said...

Not that I think the camera matters that much, but every single digital portrait I have shot, save for one session was shot with a Nikon. I'm on my 5th Nikon with a 6th on pre-order (plus two film F100's).

I owned a Canon 5D for a little over 3 months, but I used that for video and have since sold it.

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