Tuesday, May 10, 2011


When I bought my first few rolls of 120, one of the rolls was a Kodak negative film. I figured I would try it in the mix and see if I could digitize it using the same lightbox/DSLR method. Plus I had never shot slide film so I wanted another option just incase. I don't think I will be using neg film again for this process. It just takes so much longer to get it looking good than the positive film. Plus I'm not quite sure it is using the full potential of the information the negative holds, while the slides look quite full. There is also a big issue overcoming the orange base of neg film, as well as inverting the image and dealing with weird colour shifts. Anyways, here are my favourites from the roll.

Kodak Portra 160NC


Derek said...

looks SICK

Fru. Ekelund said...

I found your blog by clicking the "next blog" link in the top of the Blogger panel. I find your photos enchanting. I couldn't stop scrolling to se more. Thank you for a surprising web surfing experience!


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