Friday, December 05, 2008

And if only one more, make it last forever.

Went to Detroit to watch one of my favourite bands ever play their last set. I was debating whether or not I should bring my camera because I was not sure how sketchy the town was...and it was sketchy. Bulletproof glass on the counters of fast food restaurants made me uneasy. It was a rough show to shoot for other reasons, but I'm glad I have something to remember it buy. But for now I think I will let my lungs rest for a bit and stay out of America. We definitely take for granted our no smoking laws.

Highlight of the night-Crossing the border with too much cereal and RC cola. And Brooks running reds on a cell phone in front of a bunch of border police!


Rob J. said...

I'm putting together a book on hallshows (fordire is heavily featured) and would like to talk to you about these pictures. -Rob J.

joshgloverphotography said...

if you want you can send me an email here:

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