Saturday, January 19, 2008

Some School Work So Far.

In portrait class, we had to do glamour shots, done in the style of an old holly wood photographer, George Hurrell. This is one of mine from the shoot. For some reason I decided to shoot it in my dorm room instead of our studio (sometimes its a challenge to shoot portraits when there are 30 other people doing light set ups, and everyone is contaminating everyone else!) So it seemed like a good idea, it was a challenge to light and shoot in such a small place, as you can see from the set-up shot below. This is just a standard business shot, also done for portrait class.

In our theory class we had to turn our digital cameras into pin hole cameras. The hole was so small it took 4 SB800s at a close distance with a high ISO just to get a decent exposure. (this shot was not taken with the pinn hole lens).

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