Saturday, August 12, 2006

Talk To Me When You HIt Puberty (666)

milton...weirdness... i was at the park again, shooting some pics, hanging out what ever, there was this kid on a mountain bike, who almost got in a fight with two other kids, we heard them arguing and him arguing with some other girls, the usual kids stuff, i did hear him say he was only ten years old. and that back when he was 9 he was a kid but now he isnt. after arguing with the girls he shouted "talk to me when you hit puberty" then biked off, so yeah, 10 years old, baby face, 4foot 9, with a high pitched voice claiming to be all that, it was awsome. he was also obsessed with telling people to "drop in" well im rambling, so this picture sums up the kidshere is nate doing a pop shuv it.
This is nick, nate's brother he bikes, and is a sweet dude
this is him on/with his bike

It was weird, on the 905 board, we were discussing personalized licence plates, and i talked about the one i saw that was 666 kkk, today, we ended up behind one that was "666 kkh" im guessing it was either the same one and the h was used to make it legal, or a different one and the h was because 3 ks was already taken, either way this plate is dispicable, some old guy was driving it. i snapped this shot with my d70 and im pretty sure he saw me, then we both ended up at the same red light, he didnt look happy.
and here is a shot of my jeans, super up close.

click for bigger sizes, oh and my minolta stuff is still up for grabs.

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