Saturday, July 15, 2006

After Hours

So ive been awake a long time, working since i woke up, painting and crap. then i had to go to my actual work, thank god it was dead and i got to go home early, scott and tyler from work also got off early, so we went driving around looking for places to take pictures, went up to kerns, nothing good, except for the weird girls tyler made friends with. we ended up just stopping at a factory, here are some shots.
A day earlier, i saw a spider crawling around in one of the flourecent lights, so me and my brother lifted the difuser, it ended up being a huge fucker, we couldnt catch it, so i raid'd it. it still was living but going slow, i ended up getting this shot, as you can see its legs are curled cause it was weak, but its still nasty haha.
we looked it up, and we think it is an "agressive house spider" from europe.

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EssPea Photography said...

I'm digging the second shot the most out of all of them.

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